Why is it less expensive than other software?

We run a very lean organization, with very low overhead costs, so we don't need to charge as much money. Don't let the low price fool you, WebODM Lightning is state-of-the-art photogrammetry software. Enjoy the savings!

I need to update my information on an invoice. How can I do that?

You can use our billing portal. First update your information, then click on an invoice to download it.

I downloaded the results of processing. How do I view the results on my computer?

To open the orthophoto/DSM/DTM (odm_orthophoto.tif, dsm.tif, dtm.tif) use QGIS.

To open the point cloud (odm_georeferenced_model.laz) use CloudCompare.

To open the textured 3D model (odm_textured_model.obj) use MeshLab.

If you submit a task using the cloud platform you can also view the results directly from your browser.

How do I share results with others?

We recommend to process tasks via our cloud platform. Then, from the Map View or 3D View click the "Share" button to generate a link.

You can also upload existing tasks to our cloud platform by pressing the Import button.

I'm not receiving a confirmation e-mail, how can I verify my account?

Visit this page to send a new confirmation e-mail. If you still haven't received an e-mail after 10 minutes, and your spam folder is empty, get in touch and we'll help you verify your account.

Can I process more than 1,500 images with a Pay As You Go plan?

No, but you can by purchasing a Business unlimited plan.

Can I process more than 3,000 images?

Currently our highest tier of service (Business plan) allows processing of up to 3,000 images in one go. You might need to split your dataset into smaller parts and process those parts individually.

Are the plans really unlimited? What's the catch?

There's no "catch", but we do have some limits. You cannot send more than a certain number of tasks at the same time. For example, with the Pro plan, you can send up to 2 tasks at the same time, but you must wait for those to finish before sending additional ones. In practice, this puts a limit on the total number of tasks that you can send in any given period.

Also, make sure you don't rent / lease access to your unlimited processing to others outside of your company! It's not OK to do that. Read the rules on unlimited plans usage.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes, contact us and make sure to describe your use case, number of students, budget, etc.

Is it possible to trial WebODM Lightning?

Yes! Simply sign-up to receive free credits and try our service.

Why is my DEM image black and white?

You need to use a specialized program such as QGIS to properly open GeoTIFF (.tif) elevation models. If you use a program such as MS Paint or some other image viewer you will not be able to open the file correctly.

I cannot view my results online, I only got an e-mail with a link to them. What can I do?

In order to view the maps and 3D models online, you need to upload the images directly to our cloud platform, not from the dashboard. If you mistakenly sent the images via the dashboard, you can import those results into the cloud platform following the procedure below:

What's the difference between WebODM and WebODM Lightning?

WebODM is a free and open source software (that we created and currently maintain). WebODM Lightning offers a cloud-hosted instance of WebODM, plus processing nodes that you can use with your instances of WebODM. It's the same software, but our processing nodes and platform have been fine tuned for maximum performance. We also offer some exclusive functionality (such as permanent annotations) on our platform which are not available in the open source version.

I keep getting a "Max image count exceeded" error. How can I fix it?

This error could be due to a few possible causes:

I have Business plan. Why are some of my tasks getting queued?

The only reason we might queue a task is during periods of high traffic on our network and only for larger tasks (more than 1500 images). It shouldn't take too long for the tasks to start processing. Smaller tasks (less than 1500 images) should always start processing right away, within the concurrency limits of your plan. Again, this shouldn't happen too often.

If you are sending tasks from WebODM desktop and you seem to be able to process only one task at a time, make sure that the tasks you are sending are going to our processing nodes, rather than elsewhere. When creating a new task, make sure "Lightning" is selected as your processing node.

My maps are not coming out as expected or are missing parts. What can I do?

Check our creating successful maps article. Most issues about map processing are often due to sub-optimal data captures.

My projects are not syncing between desktop and cloud. What's going on?

The desktop application and the cloud are separate products. There's no automatic syncing between the two. You can transfer tasks from one to another by downloading a task assets by expanding a Task → Download Assets → All Assets (.zip) and then importing the .zip file by pressing the "Import" button.

Are the images that I upload kept private?

Yes, by default everything is private, unless you decide to share.

Which types of drones does WebODM Lightning support?

For standard RGB images, we support the vast majority of drone cameras. For multispectral sensors, we officially support DJI, Micasense, Sentera and AeroVironment, but other cameras are also supported. The best way to find out if your sensor is supported is to process a test dataset (it's free).

Is there a way to white-label and customize WebODM Lightning?

While we don't currently offer white-label options on WebODM Lightning, one can install WebODM on a server, customize the branding and connect to our Lightning processing nodes.

Can I process video files?

Yes! Check out our guide on processing video files.